East Jerusalem, o East Jerusalem

Sunday morning, the first messages came by SMS: Israeli settlers, supported by Israeli Police, had taken over and were demolishing a Palestinian home in Sheikh Jarrah. Then, subsequent messages reported that several members of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), and the Palestinian Authority recently-resigned Minister for Jerusalem Affairs (who seems to be still functioning in [...]

The Palestinian health care system – one story

Today, at Qalandia “border crossing terminal” manned by the Israeli Defense Forces, Border Police, and private contractors, in the baking afternoon sun, a Palestinian Red Crescent Ambulance coming from Nablus was pulled over to the area next to the “passenger” area. Waiting was an ambulance from the Israeli Magen David Adom (Red Star of David) [...]

A return visit to the checkpoint that does not exist

Two months after the Israeli Defense Forces announced at the beginning of June that it was removing the Atara checkpoint, north of Ramallah, it was still there today. I went with a team of three Israeli women from Machsom Watch [or "Checkpoint Watch" - women against the occupation and for human rights], to see for [...]

The Day of the Palestinian revolt at Atara checkpoint – the checkpoint that does not exist,

What is it like at Israeli checkpoints in the West Bank? Middle East peace negotiators should know, if they don’t already, that what really happens at Israeli checkpoints is not just a matter of obstruction of movement with purely economic consequences. In a recent report, Machsom Watch, a group of Israeli women who observe the [...]

How Israeli forces really play ball – Bil’in responds to Israeli Cellcom Ad

The IDF, we now know, has no sense of humor, as the Israeli Cellcom phone company tried to imply in a misleadingly untruthful “feel-good” ad that we have previously reported on here. The Bil’in village website has posted a video send-up here of the Cellcom ad, but there was no light-hearted athletic exchange last Friday [...]

Political trauma in Palestine

Earlier this week, Farouq Kaddoumi (or Qaddumi), also known as Abu Lutuf, one of the original founding members of the largest Palestinian “faction”, Fatah, and one of the senior leaders in the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) made a statement to journalists in Amman, Jordan that has created turmoil in the Palestinian political scene.

JPost confirms undercover border police pretended to be Palestinian demonstrators last Friday

The Jerusalem Post’s well-connected defense correspondent Yaakov Katz has confirmed in an article published today that “The IDF has started using undercover elite border policemen to quell anti-fence demonstrations in the West Bank, sources in the Central Command said on Tuesday. Last Friday, officers from the Border Police’s elite YAMAS undercover unit disguised themselves as [...]

Breaking the Silence – “an urgent call to Israel’s society and leadership” about Gaza war policies

Just in time for consideration by the UN Human Rights Council’s Fact-Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict, headed by South Africa’s Justice Richard Goldstone, is the release by the Israeli organization of soldiers and former soldiers called Breaking the Silence. Acting out of concern for the deterioration in military observance of Jewish moral values, Breaking [...]

Is Bethlehem the new Gaza?

This video posted on Youtube hereshows the dreadful Bethlehem “300″ (or “Rachel’s Tomb”) terminal as looking a lot like Erez crossing into Gaza used to look, back in the days when tens of thousands of Gazans lined up in the pre-dawn hours to be herded through lines leading to daily employment in Israel. Here’s another [...]

Qaddura Fares: No decision yet on Leonard Cohen in Ramallah

Qaddura Fares, head of the Palestinian Prisoner’s Club, and “Young Guard” Fateh leader, said this morning in a brief phone conversation that there is no decision yet on the Leonard Cohen concert in Ramallah. “We decided [that there would be] at least a freeze on this issue. We will wait until after the Fateh conference”, [...]