“Reading out text messages from the authorities is not journalism”

To Gaza I did not go
By Gideon Levy | Nov.22, 2012
Excerpt: “The last time I was in Gaza was in November 2008. I reported then on an Israeli missile that hit the children of the Indira Gandhi nursery and killed their kindergarten teacher in front of their eyes. That was my last story from Gaza. Since then Israel has banned Israeli journalists from entering the Strip, and the journalists accepted this with typical obedience and subservience.

…During Operation Cast Lead, my colleague Amira Hass managed to get into Gaza via Egypt, thanks to her dedication, determination and second passport. This time no one even tried. That’s how it is that Israel knows almost nothing about what is happening in Gaza… [But] One needs to know what is happening in Gaza in order to know what is happening in Israel. Journalism that fails to do so, and doesn’t even protest, is conscripted hasbara.

Gideon Levy’s full article can be read here

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