Palestinians compare reactions

Ali Abunimah has written in the Electronic Intifada that “Compared with the international silence that surrounded Israel’s recent massacres of Palestinian civilians in the Occupied Gaza Strip, condemnation and condolences for the victims of the shooting attack that killed eight students at the Mercaz HaRav Yeshiva in Jerusalem have been swift”.

Abunimah lists U.S. President George Bush’s remarks, as well as UNSG BAN Ki-Moon’s, as examples of differential treatment, which he says confirms that the international community sees the Palestinian civilian victims of Israeli military operations in Gaza as “less than complete human beings”.

[Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas was one of the first to denounce the attack , followed nearly simulataneously by U.S. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice. One report in the Israeli media today even says that the Organization of the Islamic Conference has offered a rare denunciation.]

Abunimah argues that, for some, “Israeli deaths are ‘terrorism’, while Palestinian deaths are merely an unfortunate consequence of the fight against ‘terrorism’. But the two are intricately linked, and what happened in Jerusalem is a direct consequence of what Israel has been doing to the Palestinians for decades”.

And, he adds, “Let me be clear that the killing of civilians, Israeli or Palestinian, is wrong, repugnant, and cannot bring this one-hundred-year war caused by the Zionist colonization of Palestine to an end. There will be an Israeli propaganda effort — as always — to present Palestinian violence as being simply motivated by hatred, and divorced from the context of brutal occupation that Palestinians live under. What greater proof could you need than an attack on religious students, devoting their life to the study of the Torah? We cannot expect much analysis in the media of why the Mercaz HaRav yeshiva might have been chosen as a target. Was it mere coincidence that the school, named for Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook, and led after his death by his son Rabbi Zvi Yehuda Kook, is the ideological cradle of the militant, Jewish supremacist settler movement Gush Emunim? Unlike other sects in Israel which sought exemption of their students from military service, Gush Emunim encouraged its followers to join the army and become the armed wing of religious nationalist Zionism. Gush Emunim settlers, many of them, like Moshe Levinger, graduates of Mercaz HaRav, founded the most extreme and racist settlements in the Occupied West Bank, including the notorious colonies in and near Hebron whose inhabitants have made life miserable for Palestinians in the city and forced many of them out of their homes. It is the militant settlers of Gush Emunim who still honor Baruch Goldstein who murdered 29 Palestinians in Hebron in February 1994. It is in Hebron that the Gush Emunim settlers spray ‘Arabs to the gas chambers’ on Palestinian houses … For decades Israel has been exercizing with ever-escalating brutality this deliberate strategy to crush through force and starvation a civilian population in rebellion against colonial rule. To Israel’s vexation, the Palestinians are not playing their part. After sixty years of expulsions, massacres, assassinations of their leaders, colonization, torture, and mass imprisonment, the Palestinians have utterly failed to understand that they are a ‘defeated people’. The vast majority of Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank endure unprecedented oppression by the Israeli army and settlers without resorting to violence in response, but they maintain an inextinguishable determination to endure until they regain their rights. If the methods the Palestinian resistance has sometimes used are reprehensible, they have also been typical for anti-colonial resistance movements throughout time…” This article can be read in full here.

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  1. what makes jewish blood worth more is that jews have reps. in all media outlets if not all owned by them, and have people who dare to and bother to speak in such an emotional way that makes people feel with them, while the non jewish blood doesn’t have any of that.
    Al durrah was killed by Israeli fires and you have people saying that it was staged, and that there is evidence that he moved his arm and leg…..
    you also have people that deny soldiers hit two palestinian men with rocks on their shoulders….

    what people call the holy land has become a showroom for ideologies and disaters, and a school of how to occupy others without having to declare that, just send troops and announance your care for human rights.

    Poor people living in between the river and the sea.

  2. Are you saying that Palestinians don’t speak “in such an emotional way”? Because of course they do, too — although they generally use a different vocabulary, and that vocabulary has often not been, literally, politically correct.

    But I don’t know if a change of vocabulary would change the situation.

    Despite that, people can see what’s happening, and people — including (some? many?) Israelis — do feel with the Palestinians too.

    And, BTW, are you saying that Palestinians don’t reciprocally deny large zones of Jewish suffering?

    What is not equal is the occupation, as you said, of one people by another. It is an occupation by a people who have competing claims with those they are occupying — and we can see the results…

  3. well i was curious about abunimahs thinking
    so i did peek in
    long enough to see the sleeping baby goddess

    & i dont presume to know anything any more

    but maybe she just decided after a brief trial that she really didnt want to live any more in such a world as this one
    or not just there & then anyway
    & having accomplished her staggering but short primary agenda
    or even her total agenda
    took a powder
    but perhaps will easily reinsert herself & or himself again soon
    in the future
    or even backwards into the past for all i know
    or elsewhere in the present
    if indeed she does not already coexist with herself elsewhere in the present
    in the form of another or several other apparent individualities

    not to mention the entire past present & future human race
    much less all that is

    so i admit to being stunned & confused
    & am sure i didnt get the full drift of this mans grief or his thinking

    but from your summary or excerpts
    i cant help but think that all his very denials
    such as
    the palestinians are not playing their part
    & have utterly failed to understand they are a defeated people
    are in fact inextricably intertwingled so to say
    with the actually prevailing state of mind of the people
    or their national specific gravity as it were
    that is causing them to vibrate so specifically & so attract such specific grief
    rather than very much specific levitas or lightness of being at all

    & i have also just noticed the 2 previous comments here above
    about differing states of mind & vocabularies
    & also embrace & insert them here in my own essay as an afterthought

    for we are all talking about the same thing here really

    national states of mind & being

    & we need to help the palestinians find a way of disengaging or pivoting from this pattern just as much as we simultaneously need to help the israelis find a way of disengaging from their own also ongoing 20th century
    or rather spanish inquisitional
    or rather roman imperial
    reactionary pattern

    & that is another & better reason why i believe we must prescribe some specific levity or surprise or distraction here
    on the new road to peace
    beginning from where we stand now
    after a cease fire & fuller exposition of the proposed triage
    could begin as soon as april fools
    i should think
    with the proper anointing & seating of hamas or rather gaza
    in the turtle bay
    as killer turtle number 193

    but the point is
    we dont know how we got here
    & actually have not a clue about anything at all
    to be perfectly frank
    in this new place between terror & terror on one hand
    & an assortment of global catastrophes on the other

    & we arent suggesting either rewarding or punishing anything anyone has done in the past
    but we really do need to find a better way than we are presently upon

    & we really do need to begin with an obvious dinky little poke here & another obvious dinky little poke there to deliberately create a world if not yet equally free for all then at least more nearly equally free for someone at every new juncture & decision point

    restoring the rule of international law in places where it has obviously been breached like kosovo & eritrea will greatly help
    but we really need to refine existing international law too

    or we need to shut turtle bay down & start over

    but i have a feeling it is too late to do that & also avert catastrophe

    so it is probably better if not essential to make do with what we have & assiduously improve upon it as we go
    rather than just continuing to promote unquestioningly a regime of unprincipled & unprecedented stupidity
    as if doing that could ever lead us to anywhere we want to go anyway

  4. Yes. Ok. But, you don’t really mean to say that the sleeping baby goddess decided, all by herself, not to live in this world, did you? (She was killed, apparently, by shapnel from an IDF artillery shell lobbed in the vicinity of her house.)

    Just one more little Q: don’t you think that international law has obviously also been breached here, as well?

  5. yes i do mean to say i think the baby did that all by herself
    tho of course anyone who participated in any way was also a cocreator of that event

    like you & i for instance

    for of course we are part of that
    even if only apparently after the fact
    & we are part of her
    as are many others who were somehow drawn & will yet be drawn to act in concert with her & with us

    for the universe itself has catered & delivered to her
    & delivered her
    & graduated her with highest honors
    & carried her home

    indeed the innocent babies are the most powerful ones of us all
    being closest to our native divinity

    & yet
    we are all innocent still
    & all divine still
    having merely forgotten

    indeed i believe we came here intending full well to forget
    in order to experience the ineffable bliss
    to put it mildly
    of recollection & remembrance & return

    so that is another reason i believe all is well

    & yes i do also suppose we could cite perhaps many more violations of existing international law here if we really tried

    i was only speaking there from a limited but certain knowledge that all turtledom save eritrea was the violator in one case
    & a kraal of 15 or 27 renegade rogue turtles in the other

  6. Thanks for the link — yes, I do indeed remember well the horror of the Baruch Goldstein massacre at dawn prayers during Ramadan at Hebron’s Ibrahimi Mosque on 24 February 1994.
    Actually, it was during my first visit here, and I was taken to Hebron and to the Ibrahimi Mosque the very afternoon before this massacre by one of UNRWA’s “Refugee Affairs Officers” teams, to show me the atmosphere there. (The RAO teams were set up by UNRWA as a way of fudging, while appearing to respond to, the suggestion that it might be useful to provide international protection to Palestinians in Marrack Goulding’s report to the UNSC during the first Intifada — the teams consisted of one Palestinian driver, who knew the terrain, and who was paid local wages, and one “international”, who was supposed to impress the IDF into good behavior before what they were intended to represent, the eyes of the world, and who was paid an international salary with benefits. (If they got injured, BTW, the Palestinian RAO team member would be taken to Palestinian hospitals, while the international RAOs would go first to the finest Israeli hospitals, then be evacuated if necessary for even better medical care.) In any case, after observing Palestinian teen agers being arrested, hand-cuffed, and put into the back of IDF jeeps in the center of Hebron — the RAOs said they would check on them later — we headed off to the Ibrahimi Mosque. We pulled up in our white car with big UN markings on all sides, and were immediately approached by a snarling, screaming Israeli soldier who shouted abusively and insultingly until we agreed to drive off — this was despite the assurances of freedom of access to religious sites that were given in the Oslo Accords. We could not go inside. So, when I heard about what happened at the dawn prayers in that very place the next morning, my first thoughts were that we could not get in, but Baruch Goldstein could, easily …
    UNRWA, being the principled organization that it is, quietly dismantled the RAO teams a few years later.
    During the Second Intifada –and rather late on, in fact — UNRWA reconstituted teams of the same composition, named them something else which I can’t recall just now, and sent them out only to observe if its operations could be carried out without IDF obstruction. The “protection” mandate was totally forgotten. One of the few kind and human people in UNRWA explained to me in 2004 that this was because the Second Intifada was so much more dangerous than the first, because the Palestinians had weapons the second time around.

  7. Just FYI, I found this account — though still incomplete — of how the smiling baby goddess decided to depart this world, in an article from Gaza written by Marie Colvin for The Sunday Times of London, published 9 March:

    “When the Israelis withdrew last Monday, Hamas claimed victory, but it did not seem like one to many in Gaza. Attacks continued from both sides last week. One of them would claim the youngest victim of the conflict.
    Mohamed Abu Asser, a 37-year-old taxi driver, and his wife, Nadia, 30, took their two youngest daughters, two-year-old Nadine and 20-day-old Amira, to visit a sick friend of the family last Tuesday.
    This weekend, however, Nadia lay in a hospital bed. Large tears spilled from her eyes as she described how Amira had died.
    ‘We heard fierce shooting’, Nadia recalled. ‘The Israelis called over the microphone to evacuate the house. But when I went out, holding up my baby, a small red light came on me and they shot me. They didn’t let the ambulance come for three hours’.
    Her husband told the same story. ‘We decided Nadia should go out first, with the baby – they would be less likely to shoot her’, he said. ‘Now my first photo of my smiley baby is when she is dead’.”

    The small red light that Nadia tells about is, I would assume, one of those terrifying round red laser spots that sharp-shooters use to target accurately …

  8. You Have antisemitism laws in Europe but no anti arab or anti Palestinian or anti muslim laws or even anti christian laws…….
    Jewish sufferings….. a suffering is suffering, acknowledging that or not will not do much of a difference, probably it helps if you are seeking compensation.
    but what I said earlier was true and not offensive. maybe not comprehensive, but keep in mind the power is not in arab hands. and always power is a disease.

  9. Ahh glad to see me again!
    Is this a ladies only territory?

    **third party cleans his footprints**

    Happy now? ** just joking**

    I would like to send a message to the victims families but honestly, not sure if thats the best and wisest thing. but where ever we die we will return to face the one god. he will tell each what they have done was worth hell or paradise.

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