Denial of Service attacks on blogs

Readers may have noticed that this blog has been down three times in the last week.

The person who maintains this blog’s server has been attentive, and has speedily attended to the situation — which was then repeated. “I’m starting to think the server is being attacked”, he said to me today.

Now, new security measures have been implemented.

I’ve just read Richard Silverstein’s post on his Tikun Olam blog today, reporting troubles on his own California-based blog and on two blogs in Israel: “After mounting an intense DoS [Denial of Service] attack against this blog and two others in Israel, my web host seems to have figured out a defense against the assault”…

He links the cyber-attacks with death threats he has received, reporting that: “some members at the Rotter forum, among whose circle this assault may’ve originated, have resorted to homicidal ranting. One poster wrote the following (Hebrew): ‘I’m in favor of erasing Silverstein from this world at the hands of a Mossad hit squad‘.” This is posted here.

We are now nearing the first anniversary of an anonymous death threat, reported last 22 August, here. In this case, the person or persons who made this death threat — written both in Arabic and [just to make the point perfectly clear, and to make sure it was understood] in English — has still not identified either him/her self [or themselves], or his/her/their exact motivation[s]…

10 thoughts on “Denial of Service attacks on blogs”

  1. Well Marian
    The Ministry of Dis-Information knows what needs to be done – well they know how to waste the money coming from the US taxpayers and to block the truth. Guess propaganda does well -now that some “students” can’t work in the US at malls selling “mud beauty products” or going door-to-door selling faked arts, they are behind their computers spewing their hate and hacking servers.

  2. Does this blog impose any threat for somebody?
    Dose it worthy to spend money on blocking it?
    Yul, your delirium make me laugh!

  3. Mariam

    You are not the only one since last WE. The Colonel has been hit also. As far as cost – not much – Israel has got all these volunteers around the world BUT they are mostly acting from Europe/NAmerica and nearby.

  4. So far, that makes three blogs in English and two in Hebrew, that we know about… Otherwise calculated, that makes two written from the USA, two written from Israel, and this hybrid one, written from Israel and the Palestinian… Interesting, any way you look at it.

  5. Nice tactic from the Hasbara crowd when faced with the truth; threaten people with words whilst hiding behind a computer or calling people by names . Marian is doing you a FAVOUR by allowing you to post your ZIONIST PROPAGANDA…………Other owners would have sent you packing, using somebody else blog to spew your PROPAGANDA.

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