Hilarious! Two Egyptian guys try to get into Gaza via the tunnels, discover Hamas visa policy

This drama has played out on Twitter for the past 48 hours.

Since the Jan25 revolution in Egypt led to Husni’s Mubarak’s forced resignation, there has been speculation about a new and more open Egyptian policy to Gaza.

But, the adventures of two Egyptian guys [@dooolism and @tarekshalaby] trying to enter Gaza via Rafah (or, via the infamous Rafah-to Rafah-tunnels) shows us it hasn’t happened yet.

They reveal, among other things, that Hamas has a visa policy for human passage into Gaza via the tunnels.

Here is a summary or synopsis of their account:

@dooolism – so 2night [n.b. – Thursday] with possibly the worst plan ever conceived by mankind, @tarekshalaby and I will head 2 Areesh & attempt 2 get into #Gaza 2morrow. – 3:12 PM Apr 21st

@dooolism – @Tarekshalaby and I can enter most North American, European, Asian and African countries right now, but they won’t allow us into #Gaza #irony – 9:40 PM Apr 22nd

@dooolism – Hamas tunnel visa to #Gaza makes European Schengen visa like a walk in the park #justsayin – 9:10 PM Apr 22nd

@dooolism – Not looking good, Hamas minister of tunnels (yes there’s an unofficial official position ) denied our tunnel application to #Gaza – Friday, April 22, 2011 8:23:32 PM

@dooolism – Minister of tunnels doesn’t want to piss off new #Egypt govt with an unauthorized entry to #Gaza, hence rejecting our tunnel crossing – Friday, April 22, 2011 8:29:29 PM

@dooolism – In terms of dodginess, #Rafah really reminds me of Cuidade del Este on the Paraguay-Brazil border #dodgy – about 11 hours ago [early Saturday afternoon]

@dooolism – Also crossing from #Colombia to #Venzulela was pretty dodgy, but I think #Rafah beats them all, still on our last ditch attempt 2 #Gaza tho – about 11 hours ago

@dooolism – #tunnelshopping in #Rafah, some shut down for maintenance, some 2 small, some 2 expensive, 2 bad there is no Expedia for tunnels – about 8 hours ago

@dooolism – Not good, our fixer said all tunnel owners he has spoken to are not willing 2 transport Egyptians 2 #Gaza without authorization – about 7 hours ago

@dooolism – … we were hoping to do a report on the humanitarian case in Gaza – about 6 hours ago

@dooolism – Sadly, we are pulling the plug on our trip, @Tarekshalaby and I, we have exhausted all possible avenues both normal and dodgy, headn 2 Areesh – about 6 hours ago

@dooolism – Sadly our #Gaza mini-mission comes 2 n end, @Tarekshalaby n his way 2 Cairo and I am spending night in Areesh bfor heading to south Sinai tom – about 6 hours ago

@dooolism – Watching a perfect #Mediterranean sunset in Areesh #bliss – http://t.co/QGuCeUK – about 4 hours ago


@dooolism is Adel Abdel Ghafar, who describes himself as “Reformed banker, travel guru, middle eastern studies post-graduate student, activist, a concerned citizen of this planet who gets along much better with fish”…
@Tarekshalaby is Tarek Shalaby, who describes himself as a “freelance web designer” and “Blogger, Social Media consultant and Web Designer from Cairo, Egypt. Have always been, and will always be, a proud Egyptian. Love cultures, languages and travel”


@Tarekshalaby – So: tunnel owners don’t want to upset Hamas, who don’t want to upset Egyptian authorities, who don’t want to upset Israel. Won’t let us thru – 8:44 PM Apr 22nd

@Tarekshalaby – Now @Thawrah is writing us the letter that we’re going to send to Hamas so that they can give us permission to use an ilegal tunnel to #Gaza – 9:23 PM Apr 22nd

@Tarekshalaby – Both sides of a border forced on to us by Israel and the Arab dictators see the exact same beautiful night sky. Victory will prevail. #Gaza – 9:32 PM Apr 22nd

@Tarekshalaby – I’d like to think that @dooolism and I did everything we could to get into #Gaza, but failed (this time). Heading back to Cairo via Arish – about 6 hours ago

@Tarekshalaby – I blame the Egyptian authorities for fully collaborating with #Israel and pressuring #Gaza into a worsening blockade. Arabs will unite. – about 6 hours ago

@Tarekshalaby – Rafah – Arish – El Marg – Ramses – Behoos – home (for 29.75 LE total!). Next time we will make it into #Gaza. – 3 minutes ago

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