Almost 11 million Palestinians in this world

According to an SMS received this morning (from the Jerusalem Media Communications Center, or JMCC), the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics reports that there are now 10.9 million Palestinians in this world — 4 million live in the occupied West Bank and Gaza, the SMS says, and 1.25 million live inside Israel (or, 5.25 million living between the Mediterranean and the Dead Sea) …

{Israel Radio reported some months ago [in September] that “On the eve of the Jewish New Year, the Jewish Agency reports that the world Jewish population stands at some 13.2 million people — of them 5.4 million people who live in Israel.  The Jewish population in the United States stands at 5.3 million Jews.  The European Jewish population totals some 1.15 million — of which about half live in France. The Jewish Agency statistics are based on the research of Hebrew University demographer Professor Sergio Della Pergola”.

UPDATE: LATER TODAY, IT WAS REPORTED THAT THE ISRAELI CENTRAL BUREAU OF STATISTICS HAD REVEALED:  “Israel has 7.5 million residents, including 5.7 million Jews (75.4 percent of the population) and 1.5 million Arabs (20.3 percent of the population) [n.b., this must include Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem…]. The remaining 319,000 residents are made up of Christians and followers of other religions”  [n.b., this figure must also include Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem…].  This was reported by Haaretz here. The Jerusalem Post wrote that “In terms of ethnic divisions, Israel’s Jews now make up 75.4% of the population, or 5,664,000 people; Arabs consist of 20.3%, or 1,526,000 citizens; and the remaining 4.3% (319,000) are those registered as ‘others’ by the Interior Ministry”.   This JPost version can be viewed here.}

UPDATE: While Israel reports a rather steady annual population growth rate (combining immigration with natural growth, or births) of 1.8 percent, the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics says that the Palestinian population is growing at a rate of 2.9 percent, according to this report published on 2 January on YNet’s website here.

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