How Israeli forces really play ball – Bil'in responds to Israeli Cellcom Ad

The IDF, we now know, has no sense of humor, as the Israeli Cellcom phone company tried to imply in a misleadingly untruthful “feel-good” ad that we have previously reported on here.

The Bil’in village website has posted a video send-up here of the Cellcom ad, but there was no light-hearted athletic exchange last Friday 17 July when Palestinians kicked across a soccer ball at the site of the weekly protests against the The-Wall-where-it-is-a-fence, in an “unbuilt-up area” at the edge of Bil’il village, east of Ramallah in the West Bank.

Only tear gas was returned.

The Israeli Supreme Court has ordered the IDF to re-route The Wall (here, in its fence-like form), but that order has been left un-implemented.

Meanwhile, peaceful demonstrators are regularly tear-gassed, kidnapped, detained, and occasionally injured and killed, and Bil’in village is now subject to frequent nightly IDF raids to detain even more Palestinians who are accused of supporting these protests.

One thought on “How Israeli forces really play ball – Bil'in responds to Israeli Cellcom Ad”

  1. Super counterpoint to the Cellcom ad. The Palestinians live in a real world, not fantasyland, yet they possess enough of a sense of satirical humor to make the IDF look like a bunch of Grinch-like American right-wingers.

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