Investigation: IDF-doctored audio

Just for reference:
On 31 May, the IDF posted this 1’05”-long video mainly to show the audio exchange between the Israeli Navy radio control and the Freedom Flotilla just prior to the start of the disastrous IDF assault at sea (as of mid-afternoon on 9 June, this IDF  Youtube video/audio had 396,331 views):

[Dialog reported in this “edited” video included remarks from two unidentified male voices making remarks that can only be described as hate language, and incitement. See our earlier post here. The female voice has been identified as Free Gaza member Huwaida Arraf, but she has since reportedly claimed that she did not make these remarks on board the Freedom Flotilla on 30 May — but perhaps on some one of the earlier eight Free Gaza expedition by sea, only some of which managed to reach Gaza.  (*See footnote below)…]

A day later, the IDF responded to criticism about this “edited” version — which it eventually removed from its website several days later — by issuing a Clarification/Correction Regarding Audio Transmission Between Flotilla and Israeli Navy on June 5, 2010 at 18:09 in the evening. This IDF Clarification/Correction is posted here.

This IDF Clarification/Correction contains what it admitted was the “edited” (27-second) version of the audio exchange, plus a new offering which it said was an “unedited” version of the exchange, which is 5’58” long:The now-admittedly IDF-“edited” 27-second version is on Youtube here, and as of the afternoon of 9 June it has been viewed 285,305 times:

The IDF’s longer “unedited” 5’58”-second version is on Youtube here, and as of the afternoon of 9 June it has been viewed only 37,305 times:

On the “unedited” 5’58” audio tape, which is an Israeli Navy warship hailing the Defne or Dafne Y (on open VHF channel 16, on which any other ship in the vicinity can also speak), there are among others several interesting moments (among others):
a.) Unidentified male voice with funny accent saying “Shut up, go back to Auschwicz!” is at approximately 2’08”
b.) Free Gaza’s Huwaida Arraf (who was on board the Challenger) speaks from 3’27” to 4’09” (*footnote: in this tape, she does indeed say, “Israeli Navy, this is the Freedom Flotilla … We do not carry anything that constitutes a threat to your armed forces. Therefore you are not justified in using any force against us. The blockade of Gaza is illegal under international law. We have permission from the Gaza Port Authorities to enter...
c.) Unidentified male voice saying [“You’re” or “We’re“, it is not clear] “helping Arabs go against the U.S. — don’t forget 9/11, guys!” is at 4’03”.

Also of interest —
d.) It appears that a U.S. Navy warship may also have been speaking (with a funny accent), or perhaps somebody was mentioning a U.S. Navy warship nearby, on this radio channel, on this audio tape, at 0’28″…
e.) A polite, calm, apparently Israeli naval officer speaking English with a Russian accent asks one ship if it is prepared for boarding, and asks that the captain have one “off-signer” [?] on board lined up alongside the gangway with their luggage and passports ready — and saying at the end of his comments: “Thanks a lot for your nice cooperation“, at approximately 4’34 to 4’59”.

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