Israeli Defense Minister Barak to meet Palestinian Prime Minister Fayyad on Monday

The location has not yet been disclosed.

The Jerusalem Post reported in the late morning that the meeting was at the King David Hotel in West Jerusalem.

Other sources report that the meeting would be at 1:30 pm.

A Hamas official criticized the meeting, saying it violated the refusal to hold direct talks.  Palestinian sources later said that Fayyad would, in the meeting, demand that Barak should cancel deportation orders against four East Jerusalem Palestinian politicians who were elected on the Hamas-affiliated Change and Reform ticket to the now-dormant Palestine Legislative Council in January 2006 balloting.

After the Hamas victory in that election, Israel arrested many of its affiliated members, preventing the PLC from having a quorum to vote.  The PLC has not met in years — at least in the West Bank.

Now, legal experts believe that the PLC four-year term has expired in January 2010.

Nevertheless, Israel is proceeding with moves to effect the deportations — although this would violate one of the clear stipulations of the U.S.-backed Road Map.

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