Monday in Dahiet al-Bariid – The Wall is still open

It is Monday, and The Wall is still open.

Workers are, however, busy stringing a second strand of razor barbed-wire on the Jerusalem side of The Wall.

Openin in The Wall at Dahiet al-Bariid - 28 July 2008

The work seems to be taking some time — it has been going on for nearly two weeks already.

The Jerusalem side of The Wall in Dahiet al-Bariid

There are not even any Israeli Border Police or security guarding the workers — testimony to how dangerous this area really is (NOT).

This brings us to the obvious question: if it is so NON-dangerous here, why is The Wall being built?

Palestinian woman passes workers putting up razor barbed-wire

The view of the opening in The Wall from the West Bank side of Dahiet al-Bariid:
The opening in The Wall in Dahiet al-Bariid

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