Qaddhafi's youngest son + 3 grandchildren reported dead after NATO airstrike

NATO claims it targetted a command and control center in Tripoli.

The Libyan government took journalists to the site. It was reportedly a compound with several buildings. Underneath one, there may or may not have been a bunker.

One of the most comprehensive reports so far is written by Simon Denyer and Leila Fadel for the Washington Post, and published here.

Al-Jazeera English has posted here a report and elsewhere the full English-language announcement by government spokesman Moussa Ibrahim said the Libyan leader and his wife had also been in the building, with friends and relatives — but that Qaddhafi and his wife are unhurt, though there have been other martyrs there, who have now joined other martyrs among the Libyan people for the last 40 days. The spokesman noted that Qaddhafi had just appealed for a halt in NATO action, a ceasefire, and called for dialog — but, the spokesman said, no government has sent any envoy or delegation, and there has been no dialog…

This is being called by some an attempt at a targetted assassination.

But, NATO officials later said they did not intentionally target “any individual”.

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