UN Peacekeepers drive drunk in East Timor — but UN finds "no evidence" they visit brothels

The Australian Broadcasting corporation says that while East Timor has no laws against drunk driving, the UN has cracked down on drunk-driving by UN staff in Dili — and has a “zero-alcohol” limit. Six people are under investigation, the report says. But, after “investigating” accusations — [UN investigations are still not to be taken seriously] — of two cases of sexual abuse against East Timorese civilians, the UN found “no evidence” to substantiate these charges — and no evidence to suggest UN staff are frequenting local brothels. The ABC report says that “The UN has a zero tolerance policy against all forms of abuse and employs three staff in Dili solely to investigate such accusations”.
Read ABC.au report here.

5 thoughts on “UN Peacekeepers drive drunk in East Timor — but UN finds "no evidence" they visit brothels”

  1. Does the DC madam have a franchise in East Timor? No brothels, just special services 🙂

  2. This is really pathetic…and comes just days after revelations that not only (1) did US troops, after dropping two atomic bombs on Japan to get an unconditional surrender, then took over the services of the brothels staffed by “comfort women” pressed less-rather-than-more voluntarily into service by the Imperial Japanese army (to spare “normal women” from abuse, it is said), but (2) there were also East Timorese used as “comfort women”, in conditions worse than slavery (their families had to bring them food etc.) — at least by Japan.

    The DC madam is an angel of mercy by comparison — specializing in sexual fantasy services for those starved of fantasies …

  3. Then the 3rd committee of the GA should enforce/practice what they preach!! Otherwise it is going to look like what is happening in on eof the IFI.

  4. International Financial Institution such as World Bank, IMF etc.
    Wolfie battling corruption in the developing countries but not in his own backyard

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