The View from Cairo

The view from Cairo, a bit surprisingly, is that Israelis and Palestinians are both to blame.

Mostly, in Cairo, they say they mean Hamas — but what they say is “Palestinians”.

They are surprised, in Cairo, to hear that many people in the West Bank AND even more in East Jerusalem — most of whom are not pro-Hamas — nevertheless still blame Fatah for much of the intra-Palestinian mess, for being so unfair, for being such poor losers and behaving like spoiled bullies, for avoiding all opportunities to date to reach a compromise and for insisting on total capitulation — and in general for no longer being the heroes of the national liberation movement.

They are also surprised and astonished, in Cairo, to hear that many in the West Bank and in East Jerusalem still support — both as a sign of resistance to the continued Israeli occupation, and as a retaliation for the Israeli attacks upon Palestinians in the West Bank and in Gaza — the continued occasional rocket, missile, or mortar fire coming from Gaza onto adjacent Israeli soil. They thought, in Cairo, that Hamas is doing this, or is responsible for this, without any popular support.

The confusion is all around. Assumptions are being made without any basis in fact.

It is hard to parse people’s politics these days — but there are too many things simply taken for granted, without examination. There is very little discussion.

In the end, nobody really seems to know or to understand exactly what someone actually thinks, and why … and people hardly ever feel any need to reconsider their inaccurate or wrong opinions.

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