HRW White Phosphorus Report – Recommendations

Here are Human Rights Watch’s Recommendations upon publication of its report on the use of White Phosphorus during Operation Cast Lead:

“To the Government of Israel
* Immediately appoint an independent commission of inquiry to investigate all credible allegations of serious violations of international humanitarian law by Israeli forces in Gaza between December 27 and January 18, including the use of white phosphorus.  The investigation’s findings should be made public and should include recommendations for disciplinary measures or criminal prosecutions, as appropriate.
* Order the IDF to cease any use of white phosphorus munitions in populated areas, in Gaza and elsewhere

The recommendations continue
To the Government of Israel:
* Ratify the Protocol on Prohibitions or Restrictions on the Use of Incendiary Weapons (Protocol III), of the Convention on Conventional Weapons.
* Provide victim assistance and compensation for deaths, injuries, and property damage and destruction caused by the IDF’s unlawful use of white phosphorus in populated areas of Gaza.
* Allow entry into Gaza for medical experts and specialized medical supplies and equipment needed to treat persons injured by white phosphorus.
* Facilitate the evacuation out of Gaza of white phosphorus victims for whom proper treatment is not available there.  Help provide treatment for these people in Israel or elsewhere.

To the United Nations
* Examine the use of white phosphorus by the IDF as part of UN investigations into the conduct of hostilities in Gaza by the Human Rights Council and the Secretary General-appointed Board of Inquiry, as well as any future inquiries.
* Make public the results of all UN investigations into the conduct of the armed conflict in Gaza and southern Israel.
* The UN Security Council or Secretary-General should appoint an independent international commission of inquiry to investigate credible allegations of violations of international humanitarian law in Gaza and southern Israel by the IDF and Hamas forces between December 27, 2008 and January 18, 2009, including the use of white phosphorus.  The commission should establish key facts and recommend mechanisms to hold violators accountable and provide compensation to victims.

To the United States
* Investigate whether Israel used U.S.-manufactured white phosphorus in Gaza in violation of international humanitarian law or any arms transfer agreements or policies.
* Cease all transfers of white phosphorus munitions to Israel until the above investigation is complete”.

The entire HRW report and all its components can be viewed online here.

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