One of last acts in office: ex-SG ANNAN declined to send team to Beit Hanoun

As a result of a question from an informed journalist in the regular UN Noon Briefing in NY last Froday, we now know that on 21 December 2006, in one of his last acts in office, former UN SG Kofi Annan told the UN General Assembly that he would not be sending a team to investigate what happened in Beit Hanoun, northern Gaza, as a result of Israeli shelling in early November:

“Question:  Since the Secretary-General has declined to send an investigative team to Beit Hanoun, as required by the General Assembly emergency session, can the Secretary-General elaborate, on the record, on his reasons not to comply with the resolution?  Or could you ask him?  I would have asked him myself, but I was one of those who raised their hands and didn’t get a chance. For documentation.  I believe, a letter has been sent out by the Secretary-General that he will not be reporting to the General Assembly on the implementation of sending the fact-finding team.  So, whatever documentation there is, can that be made available?

Spokesperson:  I will enquire for you.”  [She later noted that Secretary-General Kofi Annan had written to the President of the General Assembly on 21 December to say he was not able to send a team to Beit Hanoun.]

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