Rustom Ghazali, Syria's former Military Intelligence Chief in Lebanon, has died in Damascus

The Daily Star (Lebanon) published an interesting compilation, here, on the reports of the cause of Rustom Ghazali’s death, announced this morning.

The Daily Star noted that “reports conflicted over his cause of death, and when and where he died. The news comes nearly two months after he was reported to have been badly beaten by Syrian security forces”.

In 2002, Ghazali became head of Syrian Military Intelligence, replacing General Ghazi Kanaan [who is said to have committed suicide, an explanation at odds with the circumstances, including the number of shots to his head].

As The Daily Star put it, “Ghazaleh succeeded Ghazi Kanaan as head of military intelligence in Lebanon in 2002 during Syria’s tutelage over Lebanon, which lasted until Damascus pulled its troops from the country in 2005. It is widely speculated that he was one of the men who orchestrated the assassination of Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. Damascus denies any involvement in the 2005 killing”.

In 2012, The Daily Star wrote today, “Ghazaleh was appointed the chief of Syria’s infamous political security branch”.

According to an AFP report cited by The Daily Star, a “family source” said that Ghazaleh “had been fired after getting into a fight with another Syrian official in early March”.

Comments from Twitter —

Hala Jaber @HalaJaber · Former #Syria’s political security chief #Rustom_Ghazaleh has died @AlMayadeenNews
& @aljadidtv, both saying Syrian sources confirmed.

The 47th @THE_47th · One of the last people who knew about Syria’s direct rule over #Lebanon, and its ties to assassinations is dead.

Kareem Shaheen @kshaheen – If Rustom Ghazali is indeed dead I don’t think the exact extent of Syria’s complicity in the Hariri assassination will ever be known.

 The 47th retweeted
May Chidiac  @may_chidiac · Rustom Ghazali, who publicly said he will drink my blood, was a treasure of information for the #STL  & this is why Bashar got rid of him…

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