G-8 ministers meet – no questions about Israeli-Palestinian stalemate

After the meeting of Foreign Ministers of G-8 industrial countries concluded in Quebec, Canada, on Tuesday, Canadian Foreign Minister Cannon said, tersely, at the opening of a press conference with journalists, that “Now, with respect to the Middle East, we are all committed to see progress on the Roadmap and endorse the Quartet’s March 19th statement. The proximity talks can be an important step towards the resumption of bilateral negotiations“.

OK.  Then, there were absolutely no questions about the current situation from the journalists.  None.

Meanwhile, back here on the ground, Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad participated in a Land Day event (marking the confiscation and loss of Palestinian land) in a village in the northern West Bank, Qarawat Bani Hassan, which Israel’s YNet website says ” is flanked by Jewish settlements”.  According to YNet. Fayyad told Reuters News Agency: “”We have to ask ourselves, each one of us: What is it I am going to do today to move this project (state building) forward, an inch, a step … [One day, he said] “we will be able to enjoy that which is an absolute right for all peoples around the world: to live in freedom and dignity in a country of our own”.  This report can be read in full here.

And, according to another report in YNet, inspectors from Israel’s Poultry Council enforcement unit “are working day and night to prevent the smuggling of eggs from the PA (Palestinian Authority) into Israel. Some 6,000 eggs caught on three different occasions this week have been destroyed”. The Palestinian Authority is — as Salam Fayyad implied in his remarks, above — not yet running any country, and the West Bank is under complete control of the Israeli Ministry of Defense. Yet, Palestinian eggs cannot be brought into Israel, even for Passover… This is posted here.

One thought on “G-8 ministers meet – no questions about Israeli-Palestinian stalemate”

  1. Cannon like his boss Harper kowtow to the Zionist Canadians. They “crosstitute” themselves for votes and power. Any way Cannon is a French Canadian Islamophobe -can’t distinguish an Arab from a Muslim. Just have to crosscheck his remarks so far on the Hill.

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