Mairead Maguire to appeal deportation in Israel's Supreme Court

The Jerusalem Post has reported that Nobel Peace Prize laureate Mairead Maguire has decided to appeal her imminent deportation from Israel to the country’s Supreme Court. This is reported here.

UPDATE: Maguire has also challenged her continuing detention, which began last Tuesday. She is asking to be admitted or given entry into Israel.

Gideon Levy wrote in Haaretz earlier today, here, that a Nobel Peace Prize winner had been locked up in Israel and nobody cared.

Levz wrote that “While we were having another warm, pleasant weekend, the Nobel Peace Prize laureate sat in an Israeli jail and nobody seemed to care. We were not ashamed, we were not outraged, we did not make a sound. It was a spectacle that could only have taken place in Israel, North Korea, Burma (Myanmar ) and Iran – the state imprisoning and deporting a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize – and raised no more than a yawn here … World-renowned intellectuals such as Noam Chomsky and Norman Finkelstein, Spain’s most famous clown Ivan Prado and now Mairead Corrigan-Maguire, are deported from it shamefacedly only because they dared to visit the country. And all this is backed by pathological public indifference … Corrigan-Maguire demonstrated in Bil’in a few months ago and took part in two flotillas to Gaza. This is her sin. Israel is also claiming Corrigan-Maguire “ran wild” while officials tried forcibly to put her on an airplane. It is difficult to imagine this gentle woman running wild. She herself says she only tried to resist passively in order to complete the petition procedure granted her by law … Israel, like North Korea, must have something to hide about its occupation regime and this is why it prevents people of conscience from entering and report about it to the world. Israel, like North Korea, is afraid of anyone who tries to protest against it or criticize its regime. No terrorists will enter here, but neither will anyone who opposes terror yet dares to criticize the occupation”.

Levy added: “All those who are preaching sanctimoniously to the Palestinians to practice non-violent resistance had better take a look at the deportees’ prison in Ben-Gurion Airport. This is how non-violent protesters will be treated. A peace activist is being held there, a woman of conscience who was allowed to receive her personal effects over the weekend only after the invention of the district court in Petah Tikva”…

See our post of yesterday for more details. In it, we wrote that Maguire is facing deportation from Israel because of a decision — of which she was apparently unaware, and which one of her attorney’s has argued should not have been applied to her in the first place — that she had been barred from entering Israel for ten years when seized aboard the MV Rachel Corrie which tried to sail into Gaza on early June. The MV Rachel Corrie was sponsored by the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign, and was taken to Israel’s Ashdod Port. The MV Rachel Corrie was supposed to have been part of the Freedom Flotilla which was intercepted at sea by Israeli Naval forces on 31 May. Nine men — including a 19-year-old American high school student — were killed on board the Mavi Marmara … Maguire flew into Israel’s Ben Gurion Airport during the week to participate in a visit to Israel and the West Bank by a delegation of women Nobel Peace Prize winners who are supposed to hold a conference on Saturday … According to YNet, Adalah Attorney Orna Cohen [Kohn] suggested that there was an agreement with the Israeli authorities to give different treatment for those on board the MV Rachel Corrie, which arrived near Gaza five days after the rest of the Freedom Flotilla. YNet also reported that Attorney Fatma Ajou [also of Adalah] said “Ms. Maguire received no document ordering her deportation and removal, despite what was said in court. She received no document in English. We believe there is no basis for keeping Maguire away and that she poses no risk. She is here to spread the issue of peace’. [However] The judge stated in his ruling that the claim that Maguire did not receive the restraining order was not true, as he had evidence that it was handed to her ‘in a document of the deputy Irish ambassador, which was only prepared the day before yesterday and submitted by Maguire’s representative. This document confirms that Maguire was given the restraining order on June 2010? …

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