Thaer Halahleh has given Do Not Resuscitate instructions, says PHR-Israel

According to Anat Litvak of Physicians for Human Rights-Israel [PHR=Israel], Palestinian prisoner Thaer Halahleh, now on Day 74 [or 75 or 73?] of an open-ended hunger strike protesting his extended Administrative Detention in Israeli jails, has given Do Not Resuscitate orders.

According to the PHR-IL official, recorded on video by the Daily Telegraph, Thaer Halahleh does not want to be revived, if he falls unconscious or comotose.

This is stated in a video posted, along with a report, on the Daily Telegraph website here.

Halahleh was the prisoner who was well enough to testify at his appeal heard in Israel’s Supreme Court on May 3. His colleague, Bilal Diab, fainted and was not able to speak in Court.

What Thaer Halahleh told the Court was: “I am a man who loves life, and I want to live in dignity. No human can accept being in jail for even one hour without any charge or reason”.

A lawyer from Addameer who visited Halahleh on Thursday said that he was told by an Israeli physician that he is on the verge of death.

There is no documented case of a hunger striker surviving a total fast lasting beyond 75 days.

A group of Palestinian human rights NGOs has just issued a call on the European Union to intervene to save the lives of the few Palestinian prisoners on open-ended hunger strikers.

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