Comment – on Louise Arbour and Rwanda

This comment, giving links to some very interesting articles about the UN, the U.S., and Rwanda, came in this week from johnjohn — it was attached to one of our posts from 2007 here , and it reads:

“re: Louise Arbour & War crimes (hers),”

So, turning to the link mentioned, here , we found, among other things this accusation:
“In 1997, Ms. Arbour is said to have been informed by her chief of investigations, Australian Michael Hourigan and his team, including FBI agent Jim Lyons and Canadian police officers assigned to their unit that it was the RPF who had shot down the plane and massacred all those people. ‘But instead of indicting Paul Kagame and the RPF men who had murdered all those people she ordered Hourigan to come to The Hague where she told him to kill the investigation and to burn his notes’, says Mr. Black. ‘This makes her an accessory to mass murder and a war criminal’.”

Louise Arbour has apparently just re-announced her retirement (originally announced in early March) as UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, effective at the end of her mandate on 30 June.

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