Iranian Foreign Ministry exasperated: White House didn't publish deal, only its own talking points

Iran FM @JZarif told the Majlis, or Parliament today: “While we were negotiating (in Geneva), the White House released a text as a fact sheet of the negotiations … While they could release the original text..they released that fact sheet because they wanted to make their desired changes in it”. This is reported here.

It was confusing, on Sunday, after the agreement was announced following hours of exhausting negotiations. Why was it so hard to find an authoritative version of the text of the Joint Plan of Action agreed in Geneva?

The full text of the deal was published first by the Fars News Agency here, and then picked up hours later, with a caveat, by Reuters here. Then, many more hours later, it was posted on the European Union’s website here.

Meanwhile, the White House published only a “Fact Sheet”, here, which appears to be a list of U.S. talking points on the first phase of this deal.

Some did believe at first that the White House “Fact Sheet” was the text of the agreement — but it soon became clear that it was a list of U.S. talking points, not the text agreed in Geneva as the first step in a Joint Plan of Action on Iran’s nuclear program.

It is curious that the White House has still not posted the text of the Joint Plan of Action…

Yesterday, the Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Marziyeh Afkham said: “some of the explanations + words in the [Fact] sheet contradict the text of the Joint Plan of Action … this fact sheet has unfortunately been translated + released” as the Geneva agreement ‘by certain media, which is not true’ … the 4-page Joint Plan of Action “was the result of agreement”… and “all of its sentences + words were chosen based on the considerations of all parties” in #GenevaTalks

The Iranian Foreign Ministry has released the text of the Joint Plan of Action agreed by all parties in Geneva, here here.

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