Look for next big development in early February, Iranian officials say Sunday

The Islamic Repubic News Agency (IRNA) reported from Tehran that “Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammad-Ali Hosseini said here Sunday that Iran has acquired necessary capability to carry out peaceful nuclear activities.  Hosseini made the remark while speaking to domestic and foreign reporters at his weekly press briefing.  He said Iran would celebrate its nuclear victory during the `Ten-Day Dawn’ celebrations (February 1-10) marking the victory of the Islamic Revolution, stressing it would be held to mark completion of Iran’s peaceful nuclear program.  Asked about a resolution adopted by the UN Security Council Saturday night against Iran’s peaceful nuclear activities, he added, “The resolution was a result of an incorrect path they (the five permanent member of the Security Council — Russia, China, Britain, France and the US — plus Germany) have chosen.  ‘The resolution was completely politically-motivated, illegal discriminatory and unfair.’  Hosseini stated, ‘The resolution was adopted against a country which is a signatory to and a committed member of the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) which observes regulations of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).  The resolution was adopted against a country which had transparent peaceful nuclear activities and had necessary cooperation with the IAEA’.  He noted that the IAEA inspectors and supervisors made regular visits to Tehran, stressing that Iran’s peaceful nuclear activities have been conducted under their supervision.”  http://www.irna.ir/en/news/view/menu-236/0612241462161737.htm

The Iranian Student News Agency (ISNA) reported on Sunday that “Iran’s President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stated that nuclear technology belonged to the Iranian nation and no one could take it from them.  He also asserted that the Security Council would soon regret its superficial decisions…’Nuclear technology belongs to Iran and no one could take it from us. The entire nation will celebrate Iran’s nuclear day on the days of Islamic Revolution anniversary this year [Please note: 11 February – also see statement by spokesman of Iranian Foreign Ministry just above] and your meetings and summits are of no good but taking away the honor and validity among you,’ he went on to say.
He also asserted once again that the West was using Iran’s nuclear issue as pretence for activating opposition against Iran.  ‘It is in the nature of the evil to rule and govern by intimidating. All they want to do is to activate opposition against Iran to disintegrate its unity, but they must know that they are wrong once again and that Iran persists on its nuclear activities now more than ever. Whether they like it or not, Iran is a nuclear country and it’s more advantageous for them to stand by Iran than to face it,’ he concluded.

Earlier, various Iranian officials, including Iranian President Ahmedinejad, sent Christmas greetings to Christians in Iran and in the world:  ‘Greetings to all on the birth anniversary of the divine prophet, Jesus Christ, who brought the message of peace and love, based on unity and justice,’ he said, adding that Prophet Jesus invited all mankind toward goodness and asked them to shun evil and aggression…’In honoring the birth of the prophet of love and friendship, Jesus Christ, and sending greetings for the new Christian year, I pray the Merciful and Wise God to grant everyone, especially all Christians of Iran and the world, happiness, health and a year filled with blessings and love,’ he said.

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