Al-Araqib village destroyed for 4th time today

Al-Araqib [or Al-Arakib] — an “unrecognized” village in Israel [meaning it has no regular electricity, water, sewage and other nice infrastructure] inhabited by Beduins with Israeli nationality — was destroyed by the IDF — for a fourth time — today.

Apparently, the demolition orders have been given because the land is slated to become a forest planted by the Jewish National Fund.

Activestills photos of today’s demolition can be viewed here.

Ma’an News Agency reported that “At least 200 children were left homeless as a result, as police removed residents property into prepared containers, and bulldozers razed buildings and sheepfolds, local activists said in a statement. Fruit orchards and olive grove trees were destroyed in the process. Israeli activists who were present at the demolition described the move as an ‘act of war, such as is undertaken against an enemy’.” This report is posted here.

Israeli Arab/Palestinian leaders say they support efforts to rebuild the 40-home village — yet again.

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