Max Blumenthal video of third destruction of Israeli Bedouin village

For all of us for whom a picture is worth 1,000 words, here is the Max Blumenthal video of the 9 August destruction, by Israeli bulldozers and Border Police, of Al-Arakib village in the northern Negev — demolished for the third time in less than three weeks in order to permit the Jewish National Fund to plant a large forest … in the desert.

The video is posted on Youtube:

Our earlier report is published here.

In a description that is cross-posted on both his blog, here, and on Mondoweiss, a href=”a href=””>here, Max Blumenthal wrote of this dismal and terrible event that “I arrived in Al-Arakib at 3 AM with a handful of Jerusalem-based activists. A local couple hauled out mattresses and blankets and poured us small cups of coffee. “I’ve had enough of sleeping,” the man grumbled as he reclined next to his wife. He seemed grateful to have company. I laid down and stared at the desert sky, listening to the man describe in a lulled tone the experience of watching his neighbors’ homes crumple under the teeth of bulldozers again and again. As he trailed off, I heard a low droning sound in the distance … Two hours later I was torn from my sleep. ‘They’re here!’ someone shouted in Hebrew. I leapt from my mattress and scrambled up a dune until I reached the center of the village. A phalanx of one hundred riot cops were already there, bristling with assault weapons and centurion shields. Flanked by bulldozers, they quickly ringed the activists and journalists, who numbered about two dozen, and began forcibly pushing them away from the site of the demolitions. Their intention seemed to be to prevent any brave souls from standing between the bulldozers and the homes they sought to destroy. Dispatched by a faceless network of clerks and engineers in air-conditioned offices to do the dirty work of the state, the police performed their duty with cold efficiency … In the areas in and around Al-Arakib, just 5 km north of the city of Beersheva, the Jewish National Fund is in the process of planting the ‘Ambassador Forest’. The forest will cover the land inhabited for over 100 years by the residents of Al-Arakib and prevent them from ever returning … After the Israeli Police completed their third demolition of Al-Arakib, the villagers collected the remains of their homes and, with the assistance of a few international and Jewish Israeli activists, began rebuilding again. Without any recourse from the state or its courts, they have no other option but to start over from scratch. And they have nowhere else to go”.

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