Then, in [East] Jerusalem two nights later

Following the clashes shpwn in the video in our previous post, Israeli forces made a number of arrests in East Jerusalem during the post-midnight to 5 am early hours on 29 May, , as Ma’an News Agency reported here

In the Old City:

“Twelve Palestinian teenagers and young men were arrested from their homes in the al-Sadiyeh neighborhood of Jerusalem’s Old City. Police broke the doors of several homes in the raids and stayed in the area until 5 a.m.   A Ma’an correspondent said police arrested 13-year-old Issa Mteb, Aboud al-Jabari, 16, Muhanad Eid, 17, Abdullah Abu Diab 18, Hamoudeh al-Baytouni, 19, Mohammad Halawani, 19, Alaa Makieh,19, Maher al-Baytouni, 20, Mahmud al-Khatib, 20, Mohammad Ghousheh, 21, Anas Afghani, 21, and Mahmud al-Tiryaki.   Israeli police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said some arrests were made in the last 24 hours but could not immediately say how many”.

In Eizariya [Bethany] + in Abu Dis:
Arrests were also made by Israeli forces in the early hours of the 29th in Eizariya and in Abu Dis, two suburbs of East Jerusalem which are now located on the “other” or [West Bank] side of The Wall being constructed [since 2003] by the Israeli Army to separate Palestinians from Israelis…

In Eizariya [Bethany], council spokesman Osama Jaber told Ma’an:
Israeli forces detained 13 Palestinians in raids on homes in Eizariya, Jaber said. He identified those detained as Fatah official Mohammad Matar, Sami Abu Ghalyeh, Khaled Khalaf, Subhi Khalaf, Alaa al-Yasini, Jawad al-Yasini, Ammar al-Imwasi, Mohammad al-Mkahal, Nidal al-Asmar, Haroun Abu Romi, Nasser al-Asmar, Omar al-Nawafleh and Hazim Odwan…Police entered the homes of Ahmad Basseh, Hamzeh Abu Zyad, and Jamil Abu Zyad and ordered them to turn themselves in for interrogation by Friday morning, threatening to detain their sons. “Forces also raided Mayor Sufian Basseh’s home and ransacked it”.

Ma’an also reported that, according to Jaber: “In Abu Dis, police detained Abdullah Abu Hilal, Mahmud Erikat, Ali Qablawi, and Hamzeh Ayad … They ransacked the homes of Mohammad Nawafleh and Yousef Nawafleh”.

Jaber also told Ma’an that “Israeli forces fired tear gas, sound grenades and plastic-coated bullets at residents … [and] in response to the raid, locals threw a home-made explosive device at Israeli forces stationed behind Israel’s wall”.

While many residents of Eizariya + Abu Dis have Jerusalem IDs, the two cities are now cut off from Jerusalem, on the “other” [West Bank] side of The Wall…

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