Hamas will have to pray for a miracle — the one of the fishes and loaves would do, for a start …

After its military coup on Thursday “which was described as an attempt to restore law and order“ Hamas denounced Abbas’ “efforts to form a new government on Saturday as being equivalent to a political coup”.

Ismail Haniyeh, the Hamas-affiliated Prime Minister who was fired by Abbas on Thursday evening after Hamas took over all government and security installations in Gaza, made a significant declaration from Gaza on Saturday, a statement that had been demanded for the last six months by Israel and frustrated members of the Quartet: “We undertake to respect all the accords passed, signed by the Palestinian Authority.”

But, this is not good enough …?

The U.S. State Department spokesman said Friday that Hamas; “actions in recent days were those of a ‘terrorist organization’ which showed its ‘true colors’ by dragging people out of their home and executing them in front of their families, according to news reports”. And, he said,”given what we have seen over the past few days, the actions of Hamas only validate the principled stand that the international system took over the past year”.

The spokesman also said that “as a consequence of Hamas’ attack on ‘legitimate Palestinian institutions’, Hamas would now be ‘responsible for feeding, providing for, 1.3 million Palestinians’.”

And, that bastion of international legitimacy, the Quartet, issued a statement on Saturday in which expressed “understanding and support for President Abbas’ decisions to dissolve the Cabinet and declare an emergency, given the grave circumstances. The Quartet recognized the necessity and legitimacy of these decisions, taken under Palestinian law, and welcomed President Abbas’ stated intention to consult the Palestinian people at the appropriate time.  The Quartet noted its continuing support for other legitimate Palestinian institutions”.

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