IDF "unmanned bulldozers" operated in Gaza war

The Jerusalem Post’s well-informed military correspondent Yaakov Katz wrote in an article published early today that the IDF has an “unmanned version of the D9 bulldozer – called ‘Black Thunder‘ – [which] was developed several years ago by the Engineering Corps and … only recently declassified”.

These are large, very large machines, that apparently were lumbering around the densely-populated Gaza strip while being operated by remote control.

[See our earlier post, “What were 100 bulldozers going to do there?, here.]

This new “unmanned bulldozer” worked so well during the IDF’s Operation Cast Lead — the ground offensive started on 3 January, and continued until the cease-fire on 18 January — that, Katz wrote in the JPost today, “The IDF Ground Forces Command plans to double the number of unmanned D9 armored bulldozers in the Engineering Corps arsenal after the vehicle provided exceptional results during Operation Cast Lead in the Gaza Strip in January … ‘
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