Gaza: EU to complain to Quartet about humanitarian crisis

As talk continues among Israeli military officials about an eventual total reoccupation of Gaza — or, alternatively, about a complete sealing-off of Gaza from the outside world — the European Union Commissioner for External Relations Benita Ferrero Waldner has indicated she would raise a cry of alarm at the next meeting of the Quartet at UNHQ/NY about the deteriorating humanitarian situation inside the Gaza Strip.

Waldner, the former Austrian Foreign Minister who was also previously one of the UN’s Chief of Protocol at UNHQ/NY — she would escort heads of state to the podium in the UNGA Hall, among other duties — gave a speech to the European parliament in Brussels yesterday in which, Israel’s Ynet news reported, she noted that “Since Israel had committed to the international community to remove checkpoints [in the West Bank] … they had added 44 new inspection points Only 30 of some 800 European parliamentary members were at the meeting.”

According to the Ynet report, “Waldner reviewed the humanitarian crises in Gaza, including the lack of medical equipment in hospitals and the serious sewage problems. Although humanitarian aid was reaching Gaza, it was in not nearly sufficient quantities, she said. Waldner demanded that crossings into Gaza be opened, chiefly the Karni Crossing, which have been closed for some four months”.
Waldner’s statements criticizing Israel’s policies in the oPt are reported here.