Israel's investigation of Ziad Julani's death means raiding his house

Israeli security services Monday summoned for questioning the widow and three young daughters of the Palestinian man killed last Friday by Israeli Border Police at a “flying checkpoint” they had set up in Wadi Joz.

Frightened and distraught, the bereaved family instead went to the American Consulate in East Jerusalem, where they were told they must cooperate with the investigation — but advised to do it with legal assistance.

The widow and her daughters are all American citizens. (Ziad al-Julani, who was killed, may have had a U.S. “green card”, but was not a U.S. citizen.)

Today, Israeli investigators were in the family home, searching the house for evidence… but of what?

UPDATE: Moira Julani, Ziad’s wife, reported Tuesday evening that the investigators did not do one of those rough searchs of the entire family house, but instead only took away a laptop that she told them belonged to both her and her late husband.