My unanswered questions – by Said Ghazali

At the conference on Israeli-Palestinian Negotiations – from Camp David to the present day, held at the Ambassador Hotel in East Jerusalem last Tuesday, my two questions were left unanswered. Anybody could guess what they were?

Of course not, has anybody got possessed by any supernatural intellect power to read what’s in my mind? But those former Palestinian and Israeli officials who attended the conference read what’s in my mind.

They weren’t supernatural aliens.

One of them, the moderator tried to prevent me from asking questions. When he failed and I asked my questions, the speakers whose eight eyes were in direct contact with my eyes didn’t answer them. It is important to note that I’m not a party liner. I came to listen to their views to understand better why the Palestinian-Israeli conflict revolves in the orbit of failures.

The failure is the opposite of success.

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Negotiations Nervousness: Next week could be make-or-break

Negotiation nervousness reigns in Jerusalem and Ramallah.

Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi, a medical doctor who founded and heads the Palestinian Medical Relief Society, and an independent Palestinian politician who has run for President and been elected to the Legislative Council for the Al-Mubadara (The Palestinian National Initiative) party that he also founded and heads, wrote recently that the “indirect” or “proximity” talks that were declared launched last weekend “hold little hope”.

“These negotiations will not bring peace”, Barghouthi added.

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