Shashi Tharoor running in elections for India's Parliament

What do people want?

India’s Congress Party, headed by Sonia Gandhi, has been inspired to field former UN official Shashi Tharoor as a candidate from Kerala State contesting India’s forthcoming parliamentary elections on 16 April.

Here is a photo from his campaign website:
Shashi Tharoor campaigning for a parliamentary seat from Kerala

Should he win, apparently, he could even become the future External Affairs Minister of the Government of India, according to some observers.

This is not my fight.  But, would I vote for him?  Nope.  I learned my lesson — Shashi Tharoor says one thing, and does another.  If the direction of the wind shifts, he immediately changes his mind, and apparently doesn’t feel either guilty, or ridiculous.  He exhibits no apparent need to reconcile his actions with his position [and by this I do not mean with his position in the world, but with his personal moral stance]. And he shows not even a twinge of conscience.  The absence of principles makes this possible.
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