For a change of pace: "If you love someone, you need to live with her"

From Gideon Levy on his visit to the Palestinian village of Batir (near Bethlehem, in the occupied West Bank), at the invitation of Haaretz reader Nidal Zeghayer, 22, who says that “He does not envision himself marrying in accordance with Arab tradition. ‘I’m against marriage. With us it’s not marriage – it’s an agreement among groups, among families. It’s slavery. The idea of a traditional wedding is unacceptable to me. I’ll marry in the future, but not this way. If you love someone, you need to live with her. I don’t need a show of power with a wedding with the whole village. There is no equality between men and women with us, but nor is there in the West”… This observation is posted here.

For someone whose birthday is today

There is an edited version of an interview with Leonard Cohen published today in The Guardian which makes me wonder about Leonard Cohen and love.

It made me think of someone whose birthday is today (not Leonard Cohen – his birthday is 21 September, as we already reported here . )

According to The Guardian, it is “an edited transcript of an interview conducted for the Canadian broadcaster CBC”.

It seems so cold. Maybe he was just nervous, there was no chemistry with the interviewer (I would not have liked being asked some of these questions), or he was tired, or … feeling (or made to feel) old?

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