Telling a story in Tweets

OK, here we go, in an experiment in new media journalism: I’m going to repost, in chronological order from first to last, my Tweets this morning on a story about Jerusalem.

Some related background, by Khaled Abu Toameh, was published on 17 December in the Jerusalem Post here.

[Maybe it’s a bit rough, this experimental hybrid technique may need polishing, or maybe it won’t work — but here’s a try. Meanwhile, my Twitter name — you can, if you’d like, follow me there — is @Marianhouk]

(1) Palestinians in “East” as well as N + S Jerusalem have sulked 4 years about PA abandonment, are unprepared to carry out their own resistance
9:52 AM – 21 Dec 11 via web

(2) Palestinian grievances in East, N + S Jlem are very grave, very real, leadership lacking. Sparks now: huge new IDF terminal near Shofat Camp
9:53 AM – 21 Dec 11 via web

(3) Nobody knows when huge new IDF/Border Police will open, next to Shoafat Refugee Camp, once only camp in Jlem, now behind military checkpoint
9:54 AM – 21 Dec 11 via web

(4) But very bright lights at night show huge Israeli military structure next to Shoafat Camp, 7-8 passenger + cargo lanes almost ready for use.
9:55 AM – 21 Dec 11

(5) Why new road construction [unexplained] bet. Maale Adumim + huge new about-to-open “border” terminal next to Shoafat Refugee Camp in E Jlem?
9:57 AM – 21 Dec 11 via web

(6) Fears of the apparent inevitable in EJlem are rising, incidents weekly or more at Israeli military checkpoint going in+out of Shoafat Camp
10:00 AM – 21 Dec 11 via web

(7) Shoafat tensions seem related to new shock strategy of Fatah’s Jlem area leader, Hatem Abdel Qader, to attack Israeli-Palestinian meetings
10:09 AM – 21 Dec 11 via web

(8) Hatem Abdel Qader is, as Gershon Baskin notes, the only Fatah leader behind call to block Is-PAL meetings in Jlem, but there’s a FB campaign
10:10 AM – 21 Dec 11 via web

(9) Palestine-Israel Journal had their EJlem meeting abt Arab Spring yesterday cancelled at last minute by Legacy Hotel management after threats
10:13 AM – 21 Dec 11 via web

(10) Legacy Hotel in EJlem [management from N Israel] told PAL-Is Journal that there were threatening phone calls, demands not to host meeting
10:15 AM – 21 Dec 11 via web

(11) Explanation from PAL-Is Journal [email]: Legacy Hotel owner said “he cares about his business + doesn’t want any political involvement”
10:17 AM – 21 Dec 11 via web

(12) A previous Israeli-Palestinian meeting at the Ambassador Hotel in EJlem was cancelled last week after PAL protesters disrupted session
10:18 AM – 21 Dec 11 via web

(13) Stated reason for new shock campaign against Is-PAL meetings in EJlem: coexistence + normalization projects ignore devastating PAL reality
10:22 AM – 21 Dec 11 via web

(14) PIJ editors say that bitter feelings are against the PA too, “which is also held responsible for letting down the Palestinians of Jerusalem”
10:38 AM – 21 Dec 11 via web

(15) Palestine-Israel Journal Co-Editors who wrote about cancellation under threat of meeting at Legacy Hotel: Ziad AbuZayyad + Hillel Schenker
10:40 AM – 21 Dec 11 via web

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