Rocket and missile ranges from Gaza

This map was posted on the Gateway Pundit blog here [the original was made by Israel’s Homefront Command, and English translation was done on the Muqata blog], and it accompanied a post that worries about a possibility — “Beersheba, a city of 186,000, is 40 kilometers from the Gaza Strip and was thought to be out of reach from rocket fire! [but now] the Islamic radicals have the ability to reach Beersheba and potentially the town of Dimona and the Israeli nuclear facilities” — that we already mentioned two days ago here. Map of rocket and missile ranges - from Gateway Pundit blog

The other map below was also posted at Gateway Pundit blog and was sourced to Dore Gold’s JCPA – Jewish Center for Public Affairs here , where there are also other interesting images, dated March 2008, which suggest that all of the launch sites at that time were in the northern Gaza strip, around the Beit Hanoun and Beit Lahiya area — and not in the Zeitoun area, near Nahal Oz, in the mid-central area of the Gaza Strip, going east from Gaza City, where much action has taken place.

Map of strategic installations and distances from Gaza - from JCPA