A musical interlude, the day after Mubarak gave Egypt to the military

Via Facebook (where else?), a pause for some day-after music, after all-night celebrations in Egypt’s Tahrir Square following Husni Mubarak’s instructions to the Egyptian military to take over running the country…for the time being.

Sawt al-Hurriya (Sout al-Horeya) – from a link shared on Facebook by Abed Alsalaam Abu Askar and Bill Van Esveld:
with Amir Eid – Hany Adel – Hawary On Guitar & Sherif On Keyboards

Tahiya Masr via a link on Facebook posted by Sabeel al-Quds:

And, the anthem of Tahrir Square, Irhal! (Get Out!)
We all want one thing, we are asking one thing: Irhal! Irhal! Irhal! Irhal!

Meanwhile, Mitchell visits Abu Mazen in Ramallah

This is technological innovation, which we would wish to encourage — adopted by a new team of media advisers working for the Palestinian leadership in Ramallah — showing (on Youtube!) Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) receiving U.S. Special Envoy George Mitchell not very long ago in the Muqata’a presidential headquarters in Ramallah:

Now that my iffy satellite receiver is working again, I can report that Palestinian television is running cartoons. (The Mitchell visit was, however, at the top of an earlier news bulletin…)

It would be great if we could only get some real information — in English, please — of what actually happened in the meeting…

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