No new internal system of justice for UN staff until 2009

It appears that the UN’s highly-flawed system of internal justice will not be revamped until 2009. at the earliest. Here is an exchange from the UN’s daily Noon Briefing on Monday 5 November:

“Question: What reasons were given, with respect to not readying the new justice system until 2009?

“Spokesperson: What was the reason for not having the Administration of Justice — the new system — only available, only introduced from 1 January?

“Question: 2009?

Spokesperson: 2009… I think it’s simply a case of just preparations, working out the new system. As you see, even now it will take – just based on what one has heard already in the Sixth Committee, and if you read the ACABQ report then you will see that there is considerable discussion as regards both to the legal and to the administrative and budgetary aspects. So it’s just a simple question of, I think – simple as in quotations – working out all the details. And that will take considerable time…”

The mention of the considerable time it will take before the UN’s internal justice system is revamped is here..

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