UNGA asked to designate 2 April as World Autism Awareness Day

The UN General Assembly’s Third Committee adopted the decision last week, and is sending it to the full assembly for ratification.

2 thoughts on “UNGA asked to designate 2 April as World Autism Awareness Day”

  1. very nice
    like a morning after or boxing day for april fools

    as a lifelong unaware assburger myself
    til a recent revelation
    i dont know whether to rejoice or protest

    true awareness seems like a good idea tho

    so i suppose if they just dropped all the talk of syndromes & disorders etc etc
    & instead just celebrated autism as an alternative reality
    then it would indeed be a step in the direction of everyones land

    but our dear turtle bay country club
    like conventional reality in general
    has a long way to go before ever getting close to everyones land

    very nice

    in fact lets celebrate everyone & everything too

    also marian
    as an irregular visitor
    i am delighted to see you signing the articles now
    as i had a hunch it was you here all along

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